The Health Information Management Systems Society

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Information technology in the health sector is evolving swiftly, affecting how health care provider practice in acute care settings. Electronic health records (EHRs) allows electronic documentation of current and historical health, tests, referrals, and medical treatments as well as permitting providers to order diagnostic tests and medications electronically. EHR systems have the prospective to improve communication between physicians and patients by making data more readily accessible.
The Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) defines CPOE as: An order entry application specifically designed to assist practitioners in creating and managing medical orders for patient services or medications. This application has special
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Most CPOE include standardized electronic order sets that incorporate an extensive range of services, including medicine, surgery, critical care, clinical nutrition, laboratory tests, consultation requests, pediatrics, respiratory assessment, neurophysiology, transfusion and mental health. These order sets are based on up-to-date Best practice guidelines and evidence to support safe and effective patient care. These systems are widely adopted by health care setting as evidence informed approach to eliminate medication error. A CPOE system, ensures uniform, legible, and complete orders and thus has the potential to greatly reduce errors at the ordering and transcribing stages. In addition, CPOE systems are generally combined with some type of Clinical Decision support system. A CDSS recommends default standards for drug doses, routes of administration, or frequency and may offer more refined drug safety features such as checking for drug allergies or drug–drug or even drug–laboratory (eg, warning a clinician before ordering a nephrotoxic medication in a patient with elevated creatinine) interactions.
There are plenty of research have strong evidence that emphasize the power CPOE in reducing the incidence of medication error. Kutney and Kelly (2011) describe that implementing a basic EHR with the added feature of CPOE has potential to improve continuity of care and
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