The Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

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In 1996, Congress endorsed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) which Title I and Title II of HIPPA was developed. Title I main objects is to protect an employee who discovers themselves without a job or in the middle of changing jobs to ensure insurance coverage remains. Title II is a national safeguard against electronic healthcare transactions and creates provisions for the safety and privacy of health information (Polito, 2012).
HIPAA privacy rules protect patients ' privacy and provide patients access to their medical records. The security standards include certain integrity, privacy, and physical safeguards component, protecting computer systems and network system from physical intrusion and hazards. This security measure is headed in the right direction to display the steps needed to protect all data and procedures by regulations. With HIPPA rules in place, an individual has the right to request any of the entities that the electronic protected health information shows that are not accurate. To ensure al privacy steps has been taken it will involves communications between the medical organization database medical staff and the patient who has requested information to remain as secret. A Good example would be when an individual give medical office his work number to use as a form of communication , in place of his or cellular or home phone number.
HIPAA seeks to balance the protection regarding the privacy of patient 's health…
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