The Health Interventions And Improvement Of Activities Among The Teengers

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Thesis statement is the health interventions and improvement of activities among the teengers in the community. Community need active school programs. This is for the safety of our teenagers. This helps to keep the teenagers healthier and this can be done by implementing health interventions. Government need to be involved by funding the schools in order for them to buy supplies and resources for the teenagers to be able to use for after school programs. Teachers need to be educated inorder to have better planning and create organisations which will collaborate with schools and external partners who can help in supplying the school with materials and supplies. “In order to improve effective translation interventions, it is imperative key challenges and facilitors of implementing health interventions be understood from school perspective,” (Christian D, Todd C, Davies H, Rance J, Stratton G, Rapport F, & Brophy S, 2015). Both Parents and teachers need to collaborate inorder for the programs to run smoothly for the benefits of the teens. Most communities which has endorsed this system seems to be doing very well when it comes to well-being of the teens. Every teenager is informed to explore and read about all health habits in order to avoid different kinds of diseases and be able to teach others about it. They have also educate them what to eat to avoid becoming over weight end having diabetes,heart diseases and many mores. Young adult library services is another good

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