The Health Issues Of Inequalities Within Healthcare Interaction Between Maoris And Non- Maoris

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In this paper will shows the health issues of Inequalities within healthcare interaction between Maoris and non- Maoris in New Zealand, barriers in resolving the issues and measurement being implemented to solve this issue. Globally, healthcare practitioners encounter health issues whenever and wherever they work. There are common health issues practitioners may come across wherever they work such as inequalities within healthcare interactions; different cultures, practice, values and believe of their clients. However, it should not affect their job in rendering top quality care but rather they will use the difference in understanding their clients.
Health status of local people worldwide depends on their unique historical, social, and political circumstances. Great modification in health status between Maoris and non-Maoris people has been present for all of the colonial history of New Zealand. A diverse country such as New Zealand, the ethnic uniqueness of a person is an important factor in health inequalities. Maori health status is evidently poorer than other Non-Maori people. On February 6, 1840 the Queen of British people signed a treaty to halt the issues that might arise between Maori and British people in New Zealand. The Treaty of Waitangi pertains about the Queen would governs the land and people; The Chief owned the land; A just treatment between of Maori and British; and Religious freedom. Improvement of Maori health status is also recognized on the Treaty of…
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