The Health Keeper 's Model

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The Health Keeper’s Model
Gloria Panhorst
Park University
HC466 Planning and Organizing Community Health Services
February 4, 2015

Introduction The Health Keepers Model is “based on more than twenty years of experience to explain a model that is capable of significant community penetration, involvement, and development” (Smith, Graham, & Guttmacher, 2005). This model is the method of service delivery that a New York community-based health organization, the Caribbean Women’s Health Association, Inc., used. This organization was established because the mainstream health care delivery system failed to provide the proper services for New York City’s large Caribbean immigrant population. During this time a conference occurred that consisted of various scholars, health policy makers and community leaders. The conference was where they were to strategize how to address the health care, immigration and social service needs of this particular population. The end result of the conference was a mandate to create a formal structure to advocate for the Caribbean immigrants and place interventions in place to respond to their various needs.

The Guiding Principles The Health Keepers Model operates on three principles. These principles were applied by the CWHA in the health care delivery of the Caribbean immigrant community and have significantly improved the health of this population of people. The Principles are as…
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