The Health Leadership Alliance Model

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Leaders can best be described as those who are capable of having a strong influence over others. They inspire others to reach their maximum potential in order to achieve a common goal (Concept 1, Slide 11, Bullet 8). In a healthcare setting, it is essential for leaders to demonstrate certain abilities. According to the Healthcare Leadership Alliance Model, a leader must excel in five major capacities, which are business skills and knowledge, communication and relationship management, professionalism, leadership, and knowledge of the healthcare system (Concept 1, Slide 21, Bullet 1-6). Each of these components is an essential skill that a leader can use to propel an organization in the right direction. When interviewing Naveen Kanji, the…show more content…
She can be viewed as the go-to person for any situation that may arise; thus, her well-equipped responsible nature allows her to lead her colleagues to successfully carry out their duties. When asked to define leadership, Kanji described that the main goal of a leader is to obtain trust from others within the organization. She believes that the people that surround you must feel that they are part of something, not just outsiders. At the same time, they should be confident that the leader is one of their own and not an unknown individual. They should be assured that their opinions matter and know that their needs will be personally taken care of. This trust is the foundation from which a leader develops and moves the members of the organization forward. When people know that their professional lives are in the hands of someone they trust, they formulate a sense of security. Knowing her definition of leadership, Kanji embraces one of the main principles of the leadership framework: integrity (Concept 1, Slide 10). This integrity helps Kanji be a more influential leader to her peers. Kanji’s leadership style can best be described as all-inclusive. She tries to implement various forms of leadership techniques within her practice. During the interview, she stated that “people don’t really like authoritative people,” but at the same time they do not listen to those who are laid-back about everything. For this reason, she tries to make
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