The Health Of A Public Health Worker

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Growing up I had witnessed many people that were not able to have access to health care. I have seen many children who had physical disabilities that could have been prevented. In some cities in my homeland, people used and still walk for days to get basic medical treatments because there is no clinics or hospitals in their town or the surrounding cities. Many people used to die to diseases that could have been prevented with single vaccine. Therefore, since I was young child I always wanted to help people to have access to health care especially young children, and that’s was the reason why I chose to become a public health worker. The public health workers ultimate responsibility is to promote, maintain, and improve the health of individual, family, and community. as any other profession public health workers have principles of ethics that they need to follow. Public health should address the causes of diseases to and requirements for health, aiming to prevent adverse health outcomes. When they are developing policies, and programs it needs to be evaluated through processes that will ensure that the community members will have opportunity of input. When achieving community health they must do it in way that respects the community members. Is the public health responsibility to advocate for, or work for the empowerment of, disenfranchised community members ensuring that the basic resources and conditions necessary for health are accessible to all people in the community.
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