The Health Of Australia 's Economy

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THE HEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’S ECONOMY: A GDP Growth, Inflation and Monetary Policy Perspective Jen Brice s3510413 & Phil Wells s3467298 & Hamish Nicolson s3436189 Course: Accounting for Business Decisions BUSM4126 For: Mr Kevin Adams RMIT University Graduate School of Business and Law Due: 8th September, 2014 Checklist to finish: Take out some more words. We are at about 2300. Check appropriate reference for "The guardian" article reference in health of GDP section Check the referencing, table numbers etc. (first) Finalise the Conclusion. (last) Write the exec summary. (last) Finalise headings and contents page etc. (first) Title page (first) table 13 gdp growth A Healthy Australia: Sustainable growth in demand and…show more content…
Australia 's health and the GFC monetary policy, Inflation, GDP, Unemployment, -How are the sections related (watch for repetition) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Table of Contents 1.0 INTRODUCTION 4 2.0 GDP GROWTH 5 3.0 UNEMPLOYMENT 6 4.0 INFLATION 8 5.0 MONETARY POLICY 9 6.0 BUSINESS PHASE/CYCLE 12 7.0 THE HEALTH OF AUSTRALIA’S ECONOMY 15 7.1 Health - Monetary Policy 15 7.2 Health - Inflation 15 7.3 Health - GDP Growth 16 7.4 Health - Unemployment 17 8.0 CONCLUSION 18 9.0 REFERENCES 19 UPDATE TABLE 1.0 INTRODUCTION GDP growth, unemployment figures, inflation rates and money aggregate figures are important interrelated indicators that can help to determine the health of the Australian economy. The patterns evident in these indicators represent practical expressions of economic health and can be seen as the result of action taken by the Reserve Bank to achieve the three key objectives: ● stability of the currency of Australia; ● maintenance of full employment in Australia; and ● economic prosperity and welfare of the people of Australia These objectives are intended “to encourage strong and sustainable growth in the economy” ( 2014) In this report the current business cycle position will be identified and Australia’s economic health will be discussed in relation to each indicator and the Reserve Bank objectives. 2.0 GDP GROWTH A) Explain what the Real GDP Growth % measures and why it is an
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