The Health Of Australia 's Economy

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A GDP Growth, Inflation and Monetary Policy Perspective

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Checklist to finish:
Take out some more words. We are at about 2300.
Check appropriate reference for "The guardian" article reference in health of GDP section
Check the referencing, table numbers etc. (first)
Finalise the Conclusion. (last)
Write the exec summary. (last)
Finalise headings and contents page etc. (first)
Title page (first) table 13 gdp growth

A Healthy Australia: Sustainable growth in demand and inflation

The Reserve Bank Board set objectives as part of the Reserve Bank Act 1959 (RBA 2014):

IMO we should start off with definitions and how the sections link. Then we move on to the analysis (health) with each section as subheadings.

Sentence structure
1. Definition/importance
2. relate to other sections?
3. Where we have been
4. Where we are now
5. Where we are going
6. concerns
7. relate to next section

Linking sentences
GDP and unemployment
Growth of GDP is vital, however If the rate of GDP grows too fast it can lead to higher inflation.
The RBA has a secret weapon when it comes to keeping inflation in check - monetary policy.
Monetary policy
Monetary policy is a lever of the RBA to help…
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