The Health Of Health Care

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Health care has evolved throughout the years. The factors that have made health care evolve are the costs of health insurance, research on the advancement of medicine and diseases, technology, etc. Regardless of the factors, health and medicine have acknowledged and treated illnesses that society at one point may have thought cureless. But what is better than treating a disease or any kind of harm, physically and psychologically? Preventing it. Preventive care is like the guardian angel on people’s shoulder. People ignore it and later on question why bad things happen to them. Prevention has been present in society, but the majority of people ignore precautions given from professionals and the media. Therefore, the title “ill” is used to define people that do not take precautions in consideration. Then that title sometimes labels them for the rest of their years, or for a few months. It is understandable that some people are afraid of what they might hear from professionals of preventive care, but it is necessary for people to understand that certain preventive services are provided for their mental and social health. It is necessary because people’s health is what makes society function. Additionally, psychological health is essential to humans because it gives the mindset of developing a healthy lifestyle—physically and socially which develops a healthy society. If people are not healthy, then society as people know it will not be able to function and will deteriorate over

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