The Health Of Health Care Insurance

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The eating habits of people in the modern days have led to the increased health complications. Most people are therefore turning to medical care through specialists such as nutritionists in order to learn how to keep their bodies healthy. In addition due to the uncertainty of disease attack and its severity, people have turned to health care insurance. Health care insurance is a medical plan that is aimed at benefiting an insured person by covering the medical and surgical expenses (Enthoven, 2003).
The insured is the person who is covered by the policy and can be said to be the owner of the health insurance policy. The provider on the other hand is the specific insurance service provider and can fall in various categories such as: doctor, clinic, laboratory or pharmacy. Therefore, health insurance policy in this modern days translates to any payment plans that is meant to cover emergency procedures and which are mostly of a high cost. Health care insurance in some countries is included in the employment benefit package as an employment incentive. This is mostly the case in countries without universal healthcare covers, an example of such is the USA.
Consumers in a way deceive themselves by believing that this medical covers protect their own health (Enthoven, 2003). The payment plan develops a mindset of total reliance on the medical industry and medical services instead of focusing on their quality of life. In this view, a need arises to change the existing philosophies
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