The Health Of Health Psychology Essay

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Introduction The thesis statement for my investigation is “The effectiveness of health psychology as it relates to improving health care quality”. The potential research question states, the role of health psychologists in health care delivery. As a part of my research I will explore areas associated with my thesis statement. The main areas to be outlined in this thesis paper includes; the origin of health psychology, examining the roles of both research and application, the relationship between the other subfields, mainly clinical psychology and child/adolescence, the usefulness of forensic psychology and the correlation that exist between health psychology through scientific methodology and a conclusion which connotes answering the question of the thesis statement effectively. However, my first step would be to define key terms mentioned in my research. Firstly, Health Psychology can be characterized as the field that focuses on how biology, psychology, behavior, and social factors influence health and illness. The American Psychological Associations’ Division of Health Psychology has mentioned the objectives of health psychology as understanding the analysis, promotion and maintenance of health, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of physical and mental illness. Health psychology seeks to explore factors in the pursuit of getting people to embrace health promotion, treatment and illness prevention. Moreover, this specialty area seeks to observe the

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