The Health Of The Affordable Care Act

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Basic changes were needed in the way Americans got health coverage. Trying to figure out what it was going to cost them starting in 2014, when major parts of the Affordable Care Act, also known as “Obamacare”, went into effect was the challenge. The four main ways Americans experience healthcare once the Health Reform Law was fully in effect were coverage by an employer, the government, buy it themselves or have none. About half of Americans get insurance through their jobs. About one third through the government like Medicare and Medicaid. About one in ten purchase insurance themselves. And still another 30 million, just under one in ten, no coverage at all. Many Americans were already covered by their employer and for them not a…show more content…
So, many Americans will be covered at work. Lots will be covered with help from the government just like before. Not much will change for seniors on Medicare. The law has already started helping with prescription drugs and better preventative care and that will continue. Medicaid will be expanding to cover more Americans, especially poor adults who were not eligible prior. If someone’s income is low, Medicaid will cover them most likely in a private insurance plan. However, the Supreme Court ruled that governors and legislatures in each state should decide whether or not to be part of expanding Medicaid. In states that got on board, the Feds will cover almost all the cost but for those who do not, Americans may be left with the same options that had before if they are poor. ***Check out state’s decision if you think you qualify*** For those Americans not covered or find their work coverage too expensive, there is a new way for them to buy insurance on their own called Health Insurance Marketplaces. Some states have named these marketplaces something else. The Health Insurance Marketplace is like a virtual insurance megamall where private insurers compete for American’s business. Americans can pick out how much coverage they want, how much they want to pay for it, from cheaper high deductible plans to more expensive plans. Regardless what plan is chosen, all plans will cover a complete set of services like hospital visits, doctor visits,
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