The Health Of The Australian Population Is Relatively Healthy

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In general, the Australian population is relatively healthy. Although, the inequalities in some specific socio-economic and cultural regions which has resulted in poor health these particular groups.
The good news is most young people are achieving national minimum standards for reading, writing and numeracy, a fully engaged in study or work, and have strong support networks. This allows for a healthy lifestyle as education enables people to use their knowledge to make smart and informed decisions in regard to their lifestyle. Education also encourages people to get jobs, which generate income, which they can in turn spend on health services to better certain dimensions of their health. Educations has equipped students with the ability to make informed decisions, resulting in falls in smoking and illicit drug use numbers.
Even though recent education has improved the health of many individuals in regards to drugs the issue of obesity requires more attention. Many young people are overweight/obese due to unhealthy diets and not enough physical activity. Consequently, there are rising rates of diabetes in Australia. As of 2008, 35% of people aged 12-24 years are overweight or obese. This number is expected to rise. In order for this issue to be improved, youths must be informed of the repercussions of an unhealthy lifestyle.
The inequalities between non-indigenous counterparts and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islanders, have resulted in disturbing statistics. They are…
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