The Health Of The Community- Public Health

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1) Factors that Influence the Health of the Community- Public health seeks to prevent environmental conditions such as: Asbestos exposure, lead exposure, radon exposure, mercury exposure, radioactivity and radiation, ground and surface water contamination, contaminated and abandoned wells, food- borne and waterborne disease, air contamination (second- hand smoke, molds, carbon monoxide, etc.), public health nuisances (e.g., animal control, noise pollution), occupational disease (e.g., farmer 's lung, hearing loss, carpal tunnel) (Nies & McEwen, 2015 p. 250-268). Nurse should promote environmental conditions such as: Clean air, clean water, safe food, environmentally sound management of solid waste, hazardous substances, sewage, and land; and homes, workplaces, recreational areas, and playgrounds that are free of environmental risks. Informing the community of services offered through their local county health department can assist the community in promoting a safe environment (Nies & McEwen, 2015 p. 250-268). Most county health departments employ an environmental specialist in addition to nurses. Testing kits for radon, water, etc. can be obtained for a small fee & may even be free in some cases. The nurse should complete an environmental assessment indicating any concerns. Concerns and/or identified issues must be reported and handled accordingly. 2) Aggregates in the Community- Public health seeks to prevent problems in child and adolescent growth and development, such
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