The Health Philosophy Interview Paper

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Health Philosophy Interview Paper My paternal grandmother, Lucille, has many chronic conditions, yet we decided to focus on her diabetes for the majority of questions concerning her health and wellness. When asked, Lucille could not remember when she was first diagnosed with diabetes, but does remember when she “switched from taking pills to taking insulin.” She began taking insulin the spring of 2009 after her doctor decided it was time to switch. She has had two incidences where her blood sugar was so low that she could not even call out for help. Both times were in the night and thankfully at that time her husband (my grandfather) found her and was able to get the necessary help. After these incidences, she switched to taking her insulin in the morning instead of before bed. When asked how her diabetes affects her health, Lucille responded saying it significantly affects her eating habits. She has to watch what she eats and keep track of her sodium because of her diabetes and other health conditions. Every night before bed, she eats a peanut butter and jelly sandwich so her blood sugar will “last through the night.” When prompted about her participation in physical activity, she referred to her outings into the community, such as her weekly trips to the grocery store. She admitted that she sometimes needs to eat a small candy bar while shopping because she can tell she is “getting low” (on her blood sugar). She admits that even going to the doctor’s office for checkups
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