The Health Policy Of Uk New Health Strategies

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Introduction In UK new health strategies have been planned to develop the health policy. To improve the population’s health and health needs, individual behavior and social, environmental and economic determinants to health are considered. The main areas covered are individual and collective responsibilities for health, interaction between genetics, ideological dilemmas and policy assumptions underlying different approaches. There are many more programs to provide nursing perspective on public health in the UK (Kilgallon, 2013). (Kilgallon, 2013) The health profile of an area would help the Government and Health Services to plan and develop the health status. Britain teenage are more addicted to illegal drugs than youngsters…show more content…
The total population of Birmingham city was 1,101,360 according to the midyear census. Of 2014 (Birmingham City Council, 2014). Table: 1 Employment Statistics (Jul 12-Jun 13 Age 16-64 Birmingham (%) West Midlands (%) Great Britain (%) Economically Active 69.9 76.2 77.3 In Employment 57.5 69 71.1 Unemployed 16.5 9.2 7.8 % of economically active who are self-employed 7.1 8.8 9.5 (Birmingham City Council, 2014). Table: 2 Earnings by Residence 2013 Full-time workers Birmingham West Midlands Great Britain (£) (£) (£) Weekly pay (all workers) 478.6 483 518.1 Male 514.2 527.8 558.8 Female 423.5 421.5 459.8 Gender pay gap 17.60% 20.10% 17.70% Hourly pay (all workers) 12.21 12.24 13.18 Male 12.61 12.88 13.8 Female 11.42 11.2 12.27 Gender pay gap 9.40% 13.00% 11.10% (Wikimedia Foundation, 2015) Table 1&2 Compared to major cities (West Midlands, Great Britain), Birmingham is ranked the third most deprived Core |City on both income and employment. Birmingham’s population is from a wide range of religious, ethnic and national backgrounds (Birmingham City Council, 2014). (Birmingham City Council, 2014) Birmingham was famous for industrial and scientific findings. This city was once named as ‘city of a thousand trades’ and the Writer Arthur Young mentioned Birmingham as ‘the first manufacturing town in the world’ (Wikimedia
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