The Health Practices Lifestyle And Coping Skills Of The Christian Community

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In the journal, the American nurse today, Cardillo stated that Culture is “an overriding set of beliefs, assumptions, myths, values, tolerated behaviors and learned responses that unite a group.” (2011). Overtime, Canada has become culturally diverse with the high rise in migration. This is a core aspect in the field of Nursing where the importance of culturally sensitive care and client centred care are tremendously emphasized. Hinduism being my own culture, I am now exploring the health practices lifestyle and coping skills of the Christian community, known as the religion of faith. Cultural Diversity Firstly, the lifestyle and spiritual practices of the Christian group as a whole has been found to be beneficial to the body, mind, health and well-being as the concept of gratitude, prayer, altruism and healthy relationship are valued within this community. (Clinton & Hawkins, 2011). Secondly, the intrinsic value of self restraint is taught in Christianity on designated days of fast called as “holy” days to enhance spiritual life which is viewed as a sense of all good. Christians avoid meat on Fridays, during Lent, on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. This belief is related to the purification of the body as it is the restriction of the human body from desires and the pleasures of the physical world which can be overcome by proper self spiritual discipline and awareness. (Berman & Snyder, 2012). Hence, this is a way to show respect to those people around the globe suffering
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