The Health Problems Of Pharmaceuticals

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Medication has been used to prevent and treat many health problems in the world today. According to our textbook, the development of pharmaceuticals is one of the many great achievements in modern medicine which treat, prevents, or reduce the symptoms or progressions of disease (Ferrini, 2013). Medications are also found in many various forms today such as in pills, capsules, or in liquids. They can also be short-acting (lasting from second), long-acting (lasting to hours to days), or sustained-release (where the drug is released little by little). Ferrini also continues to state that elders in America tend to consume the most medications than all the other age groups. Since elders in America consume almost one-third of all the pharmaceuticals than any other age group they should be able to effectively and safely use drugs however, this is not always the case. With advancing age, many lose their ability to decipher and manage medication, or how to take medications. To add to the problem of not being able to manage medication, the number of prescribed medication continues to increase. Their bodies are further complicated with illnesses like dementia, and disability, and their social and financial resources continue to shrink. Information like names, dosages, and awareness for side effects also continue to decrease and are not likely to comply with medication schedules. As discussed before, the physical damages to the human body are quite severe, but the use of medications
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