The Health Promotion And Behavior Change

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Like never before have there been so many demands or efforts on those in health care to facilitate behavior changes, or so many potential strategies from which to choose from. Health care professionals now realize that multiple interventions at multiple levels are often needed to initiate and sustain behavior change in their patients, in their community, in their family and ultimately in their own lives. Behavior change is our best hope in reducing problems such as preventable diseases, chronic illnesses, health disparities, violence, and death around the world. In this Age of Information, where society has shifted to an economy based on information computerization, gamification has become a prevalent force in promoting such changes.
Although gamification is a new term for me, it is apparent, through my research that it has become a recent topic in health promotion and behavior change “Gamification is a broad ‘umbrella’ term used to encompass the process of using gaming elements to motivate and engage people in non-game contexts” (King, Greaves, Exeter, and Darzi, 2013). It includes the application of gaming mechanics and thinking to change behavior and can turn the monotonous or ordinary way of doing an activity such as exercising or healthy eating into a more engaging experience by providing rewards, encouraging prompts and competition between other players. Consequently, better health behavior saves money, approximately $2.5 trillion to be exact, cutting costs in
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