The Health Records Of Nurses And Other Health Workers Essay

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Socially, recording and reporting are veritable tools on the hands of nurses and other health workers because they show a compilation of well rounded record of their patients’ trip through services and encourages the continuation of care for the patients within and between services. Nurses should be careful, precise, reliable while carrying out this particular duty because any step in wrong direction can bring death, shame, conflict between the doctor or nurse and the clients. They are to be kept secret according to the ethics of nursing regardless of the tool used in recording and reporting.
Application in my Current Workplace
Nurses in my workplace run a shift, and a particular shift is completed, a verbal report to the succeeding shift is given showing the overall conditions and the therapy the patient had taken so far. Support services give written reports describing the outcomes of diagnostic test. We make use of hospital record or chart which permanently documents the patient’s health records in the hospital. After each clinic visit, information about why the patient sought medical care, diagnostic tests, the physician’s diagnosis and choice of therapy is recorded and whenever the patient come back after discharge from the hospital, it is revisited and used as a basis for diagnosis for medical assessment.
Current Related Researches
Nwagwu Adanma Solomon, a lecturer at the School of Nursing, Owerri studied the characteristics of a valid recording and reporting. She
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