The Health Risk Appraisal Tool

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Completion of the Tool
The health risk appraisal tool that I choose to complete and critique is titled My Life Check (American Heart Association, n.d.). Below is the link to access the tool. This health risk appraisal tool provides great explanations and is easy to comprehend and can be completed rather quickly. I completed the assessment tool in five minutes. The appraisal tool asks simple questions that pertain to daily lifestyles. I believe this appraisal tool is appropriate for the intended reader, by including layman terminology. Additional information is provided if the individual completing the form needs additional explanation to better understand the
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Step four: The individual has the option to either print or save the results
Step five: Determining the level of improvement in the individual’s heart score. The individual is encouraged to return at a later date and complete the health risk assessment tool again (American Heart Association, n.d.).
Attached below is my personal result of the health risk assessment tool.
My overall heart score was 7.9 out of ten indicating, I do have room for improvement. After reviewing my scores in different sections of the health risk assessment tool, I realize that I need to increase my level of physical activity. Currently, I am getting 60 minutes a week of physical activity. The American Heart Association recommends I incorporate 150 minutes of physical activity into my week. Also, I discovered that I need to improve my diet by increasing my fruit and vegetable intake. The HRA tool suggested that I consume five cups of fruits and vegetables a day in addition to 3.5 ounces or more of grains a day (American Heart Association, n.d.). I am pregnant at this time so I recognize the need to improve my diet. Also, my blood pressure findings are slightly elevated. This tool also suggested interventions to assist me with decreasing my blood pressure findings. I appreciate the recommendations the American Heart Association suggested for me.

Appropriate HRA Tool
I feel this human risk appraisal tool is an appropriate tool for American citizens and serves as a great
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