Essay on The Health and Environment of Latvians

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Compared to many other countries and including many important factors, the general health of the people of Latvia is poor. Many issues affect this problem. Latvia was also a country previously under Soviet control. Bordered by Estonia, Lithuania, Russia, and Belarus, Latvia is a country on the smaller side. The Central Intelligence Agency reports, the population of Latvia is 2,165,165 people in 2014. Much of the younger group of the population get many deadly diseases, and the overall environment of the country affects the how healthy the people are.
As a country with temperate weather, Latvia has mild winters and warmer summers. The climate does not affect the people much, other than that, they enjoy that the weather is a preferable temperature throughout the year compared to other countries’ climates. Even when Latvia was under Soviet control, the government did not pay much attention to the environment of the country. Now, there are complicated water and sewage systems, efforts for decreasing pollution, and hazardous waste disposal plants. Back in 1620, the first water supply device was built in Riga, Latvia’s capital. The water was pumped from an open reservoir, and then ran through a series of pipes and pools to eventually end up in the homes of the richer citizens. In 1863, water from the Daugava River was used for drinking, which lasted about twenty more years, but by the twentieth century, the water quality was no longer acceptable enough for drinking water…