The Healthcare Crisis Faced by African Americans Essays

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The purpose of this paper is to exemplify the healthcare crisis of African Americans within the broader context of American healthcare reform. In order for one to appreciate the depth of necessity for healthcare reform in the African American community, he or she must have a general understanding of the history of healthcare for African Americans. As stated by the institute of medicine in a study assessing the health and mental health disparities of African Americans, “The sources of these disparities are complex, are rooted in historic and contemporary inequities, and involve many participants at several levels, including health systems, their administrative and bureaucratic processes, utilization managers, healthcare professionals, and…show more content…
Yet, our healthcare remain broken and threatens the financial well-being of America in the near future. At the conception of America’s healthcare system, the biggest issues concerning the management of American’s health were the methods of treatment, knowledge sharing among physicians and therapist, the lack of resources at the state and local level, and the true role of the Federal government. (Greg, 2010) The same issues haunt America’s healthcare system unto today. With healthcare cost growing more out of control, the question concerning how to best management America’s health has become increasingly relevant.

For the President, Congress, and its various budgetary agencies, a ideal healthcare system would manage the cost of healthcare, while promoting quality services and equal access to all United States citizens. However, it’s an equation that has eluded the American government unto this day. Furthermore, the idyllic healthcare system would provide preventative care, emergency care, and other maintenance from conception to the death of an individual. Furthermore, while the perfect system is progressive enough to cover every American from life to death, it should be conservative enough to limit the growth of the budget deficit.
In the Modern Healthcare Journal, Montana Senator Max Baucus argued that healthcare policy must address challenge of balancing access to appropriate care,
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