The Healthcare Debate On Healthcare

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The Healthcare Debate Healthcare has been a hotly debated topic in both of the last two presidential elections. As the cost of healthcare in America continues to rise, more Americans struggle to pay doctor and hospital expenses. Health insurance is suppose to provide money to pay for medical expenses, but as costs rise so do the insurance rates. Many Americans find private insurance is too expensive. As a result, many middle class Americans and low income households decide to go uninsured forcing taxpayers to cover their medical expenses along with there own. While every American politician can agree, Healthcare is a huge problem in America, the Democratic and Republican parties have very different approaches to solving the issue. Upon considering the facts of both proposals, Obamacare should be abolished in favor of the Healthcare reforms proposed by the Republican party. The cost of healthcare in America is out of control. As the medical costs continue to rise, many Americans, especially those considered low income, have decided to just live uninsured. Low income families are considered individuals, who make less than $15,521 a year and families of 4 members, who make $31,721 or less in a year (Leonard). As of 2013, 10.8 million were listened as low income households in America, which is a 18.6% rise from the previous survey (Leonard). Basically, these families cannot afford to pay for private medical insurance. As a matter of fact, there are 70 million people covered
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