The Healthcare Industry: A Questionnaire

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Question 1 One of the most exciting aspects of the healthcare industry is that there are so many paths to leadership: some future leaders may begin as practitioners; others may begin as administrators. Ideally, a combination of technical knowledge of the demands of healthcare with managerial experience, coupled with an understanding the human and financial components of running a large healthcare organization is merged in the persona of an ideal leader. Formal programs such as the 'Pathways to Leadership' approach of the Blue Shield of California Foundation offer hands-on experiences such as group problem-solving and role-playing activities along with individualized mentorship for participants who are already established leaders in their fields. The 'Pathways to Leadership' program participants regularly partake in in weekly projects and assignments and "participants implement customized leadership projects at their clinics that address individual leadership plans and organizational needs" (The pathway to leadership, 2011, Blue Shield of California Foundation). This is one example of a private organizational effort to improve healthcare leadership, but many of these same principles could also be implemented on an institutional level. Healthcare organizations must make a commitment to nurturing top talent and fostering mentorship programs between older and younger organizational members. All institutions can support connections between old and young, given that younger
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