The Healthcare Industry And The Roles Ict Plays As Well As Evaluate The Barriers Faced When Implementing Such Systems

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Abstract: In the Last Decade advancements in information and communication Technologies (ICT) has provided solutions to the problems in health care managements system ICTs. It has the possibility to massively contribute to improving access and quality of services while containing costs. Improving health involves improving public health and medical programs designed to provide elective, emergency, and long-term clinical care; educating people; improving nutrition and hygiene; and providing more sanitary living conditions. However, there is a low implementation rate for Health ICT systems. This Paper will examine information management in the healthcare industry and the roles ICT Plays as well as evaluate the barriers faced when implementing…show more content…
It also has the potential to lead to better cost-efficiency in the health sector. ICT can play a critical role in improving health care for individuals and communities. It can also transform informal regulation by providing people with the knowledge they require to challenge existing practices and make more rational health care choices (Adeboyejo and Olatokun, 2009). Patients are empowered to take more responsibility for their health and quality of life through the use of health ICT. Health ICT allows the collaboration and involvement of patients and healthcare providers in the prevention and treatment of common illnesses. Through the development of databases and other applications, health ICT provides new and more efficient ways of accessing, communicating, and storing information. Hence, it ensures top-quality healthcare services for patients. Evidence-Based Medicine: The role of Health ICT within the Health Sector Adopting and implementing a health ICT system is a major organizational commitment that may possibly last health care providers for several years. In order to take full advantage of such systems, providers are required to redesign the way they practice medicine (Congressional Budget Office, 2008). Health ICT is offering the health care sector a fresh domain known as evidence-based medicine (EBM). EBM marks a shift within the health care sector from a traditional practice which emphasis on clinical authoritative opinions, to an emphasis on data
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