The Healthcare Industry Has A Key Challenge

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The healthcare industry has a key challenge which involves the shortage of doctors, nurses, and midwives. As a result, this calls for demand maximization for more new graduate nurses along with the requirement for employers to retain their hospital 's workforce. Although, personal adjustment towards the role transition is very critical and complex, and it requires personal development and interactions with organizational and socialization processes along with role requirements. However, there are a great proportion of new graduate nurses who change or leave their working positions few months after being employed due to the challenges they face during the transition. Therefore, this essay will focus on the potential systematic, personal,…show more content…
According to (Brewer, Kovner, Greene, Tukov-Shuser & Djukic, 2012; Trepanier, Early, Ulrich & Cherry, 2012), new graduate nurses face a critical transition period from being a student to a staff nurse with increasing levels of being accountable for every provided care. Meanwhile, Phillips et al. (2014) refer transition as the significant concept in nursing that comprises of individual 's adaptation to new situations along with responses to change over a period. For instance, in my undergraduate program, I have gained substantial knowledge and understanding of practical protocols used and that the primary responsibility is delivering effective and safe care within a hospital environment. However, adaptability to these protocols increased pressure that made me less confident as I was serving the patients. For instance, even though I have practiced looking after patients throughout my placement, I am still worried of breaking any rules of practice or taking care of patient on my own. For instance, I worry of the kind of patient I will be allocated to or the repercussions of not being able to perform my entire
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