The Healthcare Reform Occupational Therapy

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Welcome to the Healthcare Reform Occupational Therapy The effects that the Affordable Care has had on occupational therapy have been remarkable. The implementation of the government regulated health care plans has caused recognition for this growing field and the chance for patients to receive therapeutic care necessary for recovery of certain debilitating injuries. Unlike other health care professionals, occupational therapist professionals have mostly benefited from the Obama Care Act being that the approach to health care has shifted to prevention, early detection and safety, which allows for occupational therapy to be considered a covered service as part of the essential circle of care making it a primary benefit under the government funded plans given that the main purpose of this service is to help patients live a healthier life focused on wellness and safety. Before the health care reform, the common approach of care was writing prescriptions and performing procedures after a patient was already ill rather than focusing on preventing a patient from becoming ill or contracting debilitating and/or life threatening diseases and other illnesses. Going forward, times are changing and the insurance companies are now rewarding patients for being healthy with added benefits to promote health and wellness. The affordable care act has shifted the national approach of health care to prevention, early detection and safety as well as disease management. This shift of focus is a
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