The Healthcare System And Samaritan Health System

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Introduction "Banner Health is considered one of the nations ' largest secular, non-profit health care organization operating 29 acute care facilities in seven western states" (Kash, 2016). It is known and recognized nationally. It unites with the Lutheran Health System and Samaritan Health System, which started in 1991 with the mission of making differences in people 's lives such as rendering perfect patient care. This excellent mission of health care earned them good standing that help the "organization to develop and manage 29 acute care facilities in seven states with the magnitude of about 4,000 beds" (BANNER HEALTH, 2016). These States of networking health care of Banner in America are Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska,…show more content…
All surplus made in this organization is used in maintaining the company by upgrading them up to date such as purchasing the most contemporary equipment, preserving the facilities, buying most recent technologies, get more physician services, widening current physician services, after all these, whatever money is left goes to the charities. The medical screening only (MSO) of Banner Health is only meant to exclude life frightening situations. This procedure is followed by a discussion of financial services that notifies the patients of the copays needed by their insurance companies before moving to a comprehensive care at the emergency departments. "Banner healthy has come up with organizational efforts of approaching health care quality and safety, reduction of patient errors, and patients’ contentments while continuously rolling its operating cost" (Kirkman-Liff, 2004). In the facility that I work, the managers and leaders always try to come up in a more comprehensive and productive ways to help the nurses in providing quality care to all our patients and at the same time make profit because it is a profit oriented organization. The latest trend of care is rendered to make them happy and attract more customers. Strategic plan for network growth Banner Health organization is reviewing network growth which enables its increasing in size of care distribution all
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