The Healthcare System And Samaritan Health System

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Introduction "Banner Health is considered one of the nations ' largest secular, non-profit health care organization operating 29 acute care facilities in seven western states" (Kash, 2016). It is known and recognized nationally. It unites with the Lutheran Health System and Samaritan Health System, which started in 1991 with the mission of making differences in people 's lives such as rendering perfect patient care. This excellent mission of health care earned them good standing that help the "organization to develop and manage 29 acute care facilities in seven states with the magnitude of about 4,000 beds" (BANNER HEALTH, 2016). These States of networking health care of Banner in America are Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, California, and Alaska. Apart from its concentration of hospitals, it also runs nursing homes, clinics, laboratories, ambulatory surgery centers, home health, Alzheimer 's disease research, spinal cord injuries, physician practice and insurance companies, and some other related health care organizations. The company has about 300,00 members. But in this paper, the intention is to discuss the efforts Banner Health’s has made to approach and prepare for the healthcare needs of the citizens that they serve over the next decade as well as their growth and development, nurse staffing, resource management, and patient satisfaction. Banner Health and the Next Decade. Readiness of Healthcare of the Citizen in the Next Decade The mission of Banner
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