The Healthcare System At All Levels

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The first rung of the healthcare system is the primary healthcare service. It introduces one to the health care system and also provides the continuation of care for example if one needs to see a specialist or needs to have a routine mammogram. The primary health care caters to prevention of disease, referrals to specialist and hospitals etc. Doctors in the system are usually paid for the services they render. 86b. Identifies the organization of healthcare system at all levels: municipal The main objective of municipal is to promote good health, protection and disease prevention. The municipality provides long term health serves as well as respite care and adult day services. Pre hospital emergency care and public education is also…show more content…
86 e Identifies the organization of health care system at all levels. International. The World Health Organization (WHO) is the international body that is responsible for directing and coordinating international health within the United Nations system. Their main focus within the healthcare system is working towards universal health coverage, non-communicable disease, promoting health through life course, prevention of communicable diseases, preparedness and response to emergencies and to provide cooperate services to make it possible for the staff to perform. 87 Identify the needs of the unique community in the practice environment. The unique community that I will address is a senior’s assisted living community. Members of this community have various health care needs and also ADL assistance. The shortage of staff poses a problem because staff cannot cater to all the needs of these individuals because of time constraint. The seniors are often times lonely and need to have someone spend time with them but this is not always possible. The need of equipment also poses a problem. More equipment will make work more manageable thus promoting better service. 88. Develops a plan to respond to trends in nursing research and the health care environment that result in changes to nursing knowledge and practice. Nurses need to be informed about the nursing research and evidence based practice. To keep us informed we
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