The Healthcare System Of Japan

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3. About what kind of risks -- financial, political, social, economic and environmental -- should you specifically warn your client? The healthcare system of Japan has extreme financial problems because of the cost of new medical technology, a quickly aging society, and long hospitalization time for patients. The elderly of Japan’s population is causing severe problems for the country’s finances. The elderly population has a major affect of Japan’s health care finances. Also according to Nicolaus Henke, Sonosuke Kadonaga, and Ludwing Kanzler, Japan’s population is growing and mainly the “aging population: already 21 percent of Japan’s citizens are 65 or older, and by 2050 almost 40 percent may be in that age group. Furthermore, advances in treatment are increasing the cost of care, and the system’s funding mechanisms just cannot cope.” The percentage of elderly in Japan is rapidly growing and the youth percentage is not growing as fast as the elderly are and it is not getting any better. One out of numerous social issues Japan countenances are their growth of population because of the way that most nations face the issue of over population over a small amount of time. In any case, Japan 's population development has done the inverse and has slowed down. The reasons are; the death rate is higher than the birth rate that results in a shrink in population of the nation, less individuals can work because of the elderly and the old age needs welfare and medical care that nobody
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