The Healthsouth Corporation Inc.

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INTRODUCTION The HealthSouth Corporation was started in 1984 by Richard Scrushy with hopes of becoming one of the largest healthcare companies in the country. It was doing quite well by 1996 with a market value of nearly $12 billion and was one of the United States largest healthcare firms. This all fell apart in 2003 when it was discovered that Scrushy and his employees had committed fraud in the estimated range of almost $2.7 billion (Daigle, Louwers and Morris 887). Scrushy, over the years, had brought on many new faces to the company. Many of these employees were friends of Scrushy from previous business ventures and business meetings. These employees and the others involved in the fraud were given the name ‘family’; highly due to the fact that they all knew what was happening and not one wanted to go to the authorities to confess. It was after the fraud had gone on for nearly six years that the former CFO Weston Smith tipped off federal investigators.
Following the actions by Smith, the four other CFO’s who ran the company during the fraud came forward which included: Aaron Beam Jr., Michael Martin, Malcom McVay, and then current CFO William Owens. Along with the CFO’s their staff members who were also in on the fraud also came forward bringing the total number of involved to fifteen. Also the Birmingham Alabama office of Ernst & Young came under heavy scrutiny for auditing HealthSouth during the fraud and failing to take action on any evidence they found.
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