The Healthy People Program

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When people think of health in America, common sicknesses like cardiovascular disease and cancer come to mind. Although these sicknesses are very usual, yet serious diseases, they are definitely not the only health issues prevalent in America today. Organizations such as the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) work to ensure nationwide health promotion of all diseases. In 1979, the Department of Health, Education & Labor initially created the Healthy People program as a standard for disease prevention goals across the US. In its initial printing, the Healthy People program exhibited a "ten-year plan to reduce controllable health risks". In January 2000, Healthy People 2010 was established by the HHS as "a set of health objectives for the Nation to achieve over the first decade of the new century." With 467 specific objectives clustered into 28 focus areas, the 2010 program was implemented to reach all people and health issues across the United States. Of those 28 areas, 10 were considered 'Leading Health Indicators' which served as reflections of the major health…show more content…
In fact, there still are many attitudes within most societies that view symptoms of mental disorders as threatening which frequently cause stigma towards people with mental health problems. Many stereotypes lead people to believe that people with mental health issues are violent, crazy & unpredictable. Those with mental illnesses are usually inaccurately accused of being downright lazy & weak, however, studies have worked to prove this myth untrue. According to Healthy, mental health is a state of successful mental functioning, resulting in productive activities, fulfilling relationships, and the ability to adapt to change and cope with adversity. Many would agree that mental health is vital to a productive, healthy
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