The Heart Disease Prevention / Reduction Program Targeted At The Los Angeles County

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Healey & Zimmerman (2010) stated that effective partnership do not happen coincidentally, design principles and strategic steps lead to their occurrence. In the development of the Coronary Heart Disease Prevention/Reduction Program targeted at the Los Angeles County, which has been my theme from the onset of the course, strategic coalitions and partnerships are required. This is to ensure improving the reach to the community, minimizing duplication of efforts, maximizing cost-effectiveness, and generating broad-based support as highlighted by Healey & Zimmerman (2010). These coalitions would be based on trust and also flexible.
The program, being a health education and promotion program with the aim of achieving at least 50% increased awareness of CHD, its risk factors, prevention and control measures, as well as a 50% reduced incident rate by December 2016 within the Los Angeles county, strategic partners will be required. Besides the program coordinator, who will be the leader of the program and the health educator who will lead the education segment of the program, other members of the coalition will be the epidemiologist, the IT specialist, the mayor, a local church (and the clergy), a local bank (as well as the manager), hospital and medical professionals (a medical doctor and a public health nurse), a dietitian, a gym and exercise instructor.
The Epidemiologist
Having an epidemiologist on board the team will be quite vital to the success of the program. He will
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