The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter Essay

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What we have in The Heart is a Lonely Hunter is a group of characters seeking release in love from the bondage of self, but since it is ‘natural’ for most men to think and act selfish, their capacity for love is limited. The book presents us with a hierarchy of lovers, and of these Singer is the most eminent because he is the most selfish. The other characters seek out Singer chiefly because of what they think he has to offer them, not because they wish to offer him anything of their own. The diffuseness of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, both in theme and structure, also suggests inexperience. The present article demonstrates through structural analysis the psychological and social realism of The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, her most typical and successful novel. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter was an interesting novel to read about a time in which there was racial problem and the ways they healed themselves through music. The ending was depressing, but it teaches us about human emotion. The work centered on a deaf-mute who finds himself the sounding board for four members of a small Georgia town, a restaurant owner, a political activist, an African American doctor and a teen-age girl. Through their stories, the characters revealed their frustrations, their loneliness and their isolation from those around them. According to Richard M. Cook, the final impression conveyed by the novel is one of tragic waste, David Madden concurs, concluding that “Hunter” is the most
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