The Heart, Mind And Soul, By Kurt Vonnegut

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Equality; the most sought after desire in society. Each person has the felt the disease of envy for another’s talent, wisdom, or beauty. The heart, mind and soul are never replicated between two humans. This places one’s envy as a never ending cycle. Kurt Vonnegut’s story, Harrison Bergeron, focuses on the theme that society and government aspire to make all citizens equal by restricting them and making all handicapped for the purpose of obedience only to inadvertently achieve inequality. The short story is set in the year of 2081 when society has achieved ultimate equality. The characters George and Hazel are introduced in the beginning of the story sitting in their living room and watching television. They have just experienced a traumatic event as their son, Harrison Bergeron, was taken from them by government officials. In this time period the government has taken it upon itself to establish equality among society. They have done this by requiring all citizens to acquire handicaps to anyone with a higher intelligence than another. George Bergeron has a higher intelligence level than his wife, Hazel, therefore is handicapped by having a small ear piece placed in his ear to play obnoxious and distracting sounds that scatter his thoughts every twenty seconds. In addition to this handicap George is also required to carry extra weight with him in a bag tied around his neck. Although Harrison was taken only minutes before, his parents have already forgotten about him. They
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