The Heart Of A Healthcare System

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The heart of a healthcare system is to ensure timely access to care and to ensure optimal outcomes in differing levels of disparity in healthcare. The Veteran Health Administration has made system wide transformation to expand access to care; however, women veterans continue to experience sub-standardized care as compared to men (Washington, 2011). Women veterans’ lack of substantial income, knowledge to Veteran (VA) eligibility and services, identified this group as a vulnerable population in the VA system. By utilizing the Behavioral Model for Healthcare Use, a conceptual framework, would aid in examining predisposed factors contribute to women veteran’s healthcare disparities. To increase quality and quantity of healthcare, this paper will propose two solutions that will identify potential modifiable barriers, and solutions to improve women veterans’ knowledge of available and affordable healthcare. Vulnerable Population and Disparity in Healthcare Vulnerable population is defined as a group who has limited access to resources such as income, food, and shelter. Women veterans are an example of a vulnerable population because of the lack of resources particularly in accessing health care (Washington, 2011). Other vulnerabilities include the lack of knowledge about VA eligibilities and utilizing available services, which predispose them to unmet health care needs, and delay in seeking care. These are also known to be health care disparities- subsequently put them at many
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