The Heart Of Afric Royal Ontario Museum Controversy

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1. Into the Heart of Africa – Royal Ontario Museum Controversy.
Into the Heart of Africa, an exhibition presented by The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) that was curated by guest curator Dr. Jeanne Cannizzo was a source of much contention between the people and the museum. The exhibit was inspired by an interest in exploring the hundreds of African artefacts – which had been stolen and collected during the European colonization of African countries – that have been stored by the ROM for over a hundred years. Through this collection of artefacts, Cannizzo intended on retelling the story of Canada’s involvement in the European colonization of Africa. Cannizzo led the planning and designing of the exhibition, however the ROM had significant roles their staff assisted throughout the entire process. In speaking to the goals of the exhibition Cannizzo stated, “the show was intended to examine both Canadian and African sensibilities.” Additionally, she was firm in the intent of the exhibit was to explore and illuminate the history which the collection of objects represent; to emphasize the intricacies of cross-cultural encounters; and to highlight the racist views of the Canadians that played a role during the colonization of the various countries within Africa.
By those intentions, one would assume that the end result would be a display of artefacts that sought to tell the true story of colonization, not one solely from the perspective of the curators, Cannizzo. While Cannizzo is…

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