The Heart Of Atlanta Motel

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Facts: The Heart of Atlanta Motel had 216 rooms available to its guests. Appellant, the owner of the heavily populated motel in Atlanta, Georgia, limits their patron list to Caucasians only. Appellant put many advertisement ads into magazines and radio shows to attract those visiting Georgia to stay in the motel. Many African Americans would come to his motel asking to buy a room for the night. But, he wanted the choice of deciding who had the opportunity to stay in the hotel. He did not want African Americans staying in the motel because of personal reasons. Appellant filled a suit in court on the bases that the Civil Rights Act of 1964, that prohibited racial discrimination in places of public accommodation affecting commerce exceeded congress’s enumerated powers under the Commerce Clause and violated other parts of the Constitution. The African Americans, appellees ', counterclaim, decreed that appellant permanently stop refusing to accommodate to Negro guests for personal racial issues/reasons. The appellant disputes that Congress, in passing this Act, exceeded its enumerated powers to regulate commerce under article one of the Constitution of the United States. That the Act violates the Fifth Amendment because appellant is deprived of the right to choose its customers and operate its business as it wishes, resulting in a taking of his personal liberty and property without due process of law. And by requiring appellant to rent available rooms to Negroes against its
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