The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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Joseph Conrad’s novella The Heart of Darkness has been under controversy because of racial interpretations. The race factor in this novel has made some scholars and professors question the function the novella has in the classroom. However, Joseph Conrad had another view when writing the novel; to demonstrate how prejudice and dehumanizing the European culture is towards African Americans and their culture during this time period. European’s superior authority over African Americans is portrayed through the background of the text, use of the language and the opinion’s on vermilicitude. The novella focuses on the negative aspect of the European culture, not the African culture and therefore should be in taught in school. The text was published in the late nineteenth century, the brink of imperialism. The time period relays an educational aspect to the novella. Critics, such as Chinua Achebe, stand firmly behind their belief that Conrad reveals “the preposterous and perverse arrogance” “of one petty European mind,” (Achebe 38). But that is the point; to demonstrate the narrow minded European culture during imperialism. Marlow is told that in this journey to Africa, he was to civilize the natives from their “horrid ways” (Conrad 14). Describing African Americans as horrid illustrates that during the “abolitionist movements of the 1800s” “many Europeans” such as Marlow’s aunt and , “even th[ose] [abolitionist]”, “saw the Africans as a less evolved people” (Moss and

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