The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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In the Heart Of Darkness by Joseph Conrad he revels that everyone has a dark or evil side to himself or herself even if they might not be aware of it. Marlow embarked on a spiritual adventure to the Congo, where he witnesses Kurtz, the man he has come so far to meet is engulfed in greed and has the natives look up to him as a godlike figure. Conrad tells the tale of a mans psychological journey in ones mind as he progresses through the jungle. Marlow’s psychological changes become evident when he approaches the heart of darkness and begins to respect Kurtz for his conniving ways in which he used to hate. Conrad tries to show a connection between the two characters by showing the reader that Marlow is what Kurtz used to be, and Kurtz is what Marlow could become if he lets the darkness take him over. At the beginning of the novel Conrad lets the reader know that "Marlow was not typical" and also that " He was a seaman but was a wander too." which gives the reader a glimpse into Marlow 's personality. (Conrad 301) Marlow describes the river as a "place of darkness - resembling an immense snake." that he admitted "fascinated" him. (Conrad 303) This image is a representation of Marlow exploring his "id" which is "The impulsive and unconscious part of our psyche that is directly responsive to our instincts." (McLeod) Marlow uses these desires to explore the depths of his mind. Marlow goes to the Congo to report on Kurtz, which is said

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