The Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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The “Heart of Darkness” authored by Joseph Conrad is a novella (writing that seems to be a novel and also a short story in scope and length) about European Imperialism in Africa and was published by J.M. Dent $ Sons, Ltd. The novella is written in parts, from part one to part three. Joseph Conrad born in Polish Ukraine started learning English when he was twenty-one years old, he has written several books like Almayer’s Folly in 1894, Lord Jim, Nostrum, and The Secret Agent. The writing of Heart of Darkness tries to illustrate what actually modernism is in relation to Victorian predecessors. The novella mainly uses the traditional ideas of heroism with women given the traditional roles and they are rarely portrayed in the narrative. Heart of Darkness’s provides critical view of European imperial activities.
Major Characters.
Marlow is a major character in the “Heart of Darkness,” and he portrays modernism in Conrad’s writing, he is a hero in the traditional setting, tough and independent thinker throughout the novel. Marlow is highly skilled in repairing and the ably pilots of his ship, but despite the fact that he is strong, he is defeated with some things of European imperialism.
He is an intermediary between the company and Kurt, who are two extremes in the writing. He acts as the reader’s guide since he is moderate and has the capability of being a self-thinker. Marlow is a flat character who remains throughout the book
The other major character is
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