The Heart Of Heart Disease

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Heart disease is known widely all over the world. It’s the number one death issue in the United States and also in the state of Oklahoma. Even though America is counted as one of the developed countries in the world, however, it still has an issue of finding a cure to stop these deadly diseases. In Oklahoma, the number one death issue is heart disease and strokes (Heart Disease and Strokes). “It is Oklahoma’s leading killer for both men and women, resulting in more than 9,000 deaths in 2012” (Understanding Heart Disease). Some of these heart diseases are Coronary artery disease, which is narrowing of the arteries, heart attack, abnormal heart rhythms or arrhythmias, heart failure, heart valve disease, congenital heart disease (Different…show more content…
The left ventricle contracts, sending the blood to the aorta. The blood is then sent to the rest of the body. On the right side of the heart, the tricuspid valve separates the right ventricle and the right atrium allowing blood to enter the ventricle but not flow backward to the atrium. Blood flows through the pulmonary arteries to go to the lungs. On the left side of the heart, the mitral valve separates the left atrium and the left ventricle. Blood flows from the left ventricle to the aorta through the aortic valves and to the rest of the body. Arteries carry blood with oxygen and other nutrients throughout the blood. Veins take blood back to the heart, which pumps it to the lungs in order to get oxygenated. The heart arteries which are called the coronary arteries provide oxygen and nutrients to the heart muscle the right coronary arteries supply blood to the bottom and the back of the heart. The left coronary arteries split into two vessels. One branch supplies blood to the front of the heart the other branch provides blood to the left side of the heart. An electric system transmits signals throughout the heart to control what is pumping. The electrical signals pass down tot the end of the heart in the ventricles pathways carry this signal throughout the muscle so they can track at the same time to pump blood to the lungs and throughout the body. If a person has a heart failure the heart has lost the
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