The Heart Of Heart Disease

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Heart diseases also known as cardiovascular diseases are various conditions types that may interfere with the function of the heart. These condition types include atherosclerotic also known as coronary artery heart disease which is shown to affect arteries leading to the heart, the heart valve disease which affects the functionality of valves in regulating in and out of the blood flow to the heart. Cardiomyopathy affects the squeezing of the heart muscles. Arrhythmias also called the heart rhythm disturbances affects the electrical conductions. There are also heart infections which are resulted by structural problems of the heart which usually develops before birth. (Wedro)
Coronary heart disease also referred as the Ischemic
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Long-term mental and emotional stress have also been associated with causing damage to the arteries. Metabolic components syndrome like obesity and diabetes type II have also been connected to a higher risk of development of coronary heart disease. Other risk factors that have been seen to be associated with coronary heart disease include high triglycerides or cholesterol, male gender, stress, increasing age, trauma, venous thrombo -embolism, obesity as well as underlying vascular disease. However, hereditary and genetic factors as well as stress has been shown to be responsible for the development of this disease and thus serves as a risk factor. Males are more likely to develop ischemic disease despite women risk being significant particularly after they get into menopause.
In blocked or obstructed arteries, blocked coronary artery blood flow may be resulted by the deposition of cholesterol, calcium and some fatty substances referred to as plaque. The deposition process begins at early ages and when growing at a different rate in every individual regarding the presence of the risk factors. These deposits accumulate gradually eventually reducing the diameter of the coronary artery to the extent that blood vessels can no longer pass blood to the need of muscles of the heart. Apart from the clogging plaque, there exist other mechanisms that may also contribute to the reduction of blood flow to the heart. These include spasm of the coronary artery and also
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