The Heart Of Road Construction Workers

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The Heart of Road Construction Workers We all have driven by a construction zone or been a passenger. Before you drive into a road construction zone you will see warning signs indicating that you are approaching a specific work zone. Typically, these signs will say “Three miles ahead work zone, speed limit 55 and any injury to a worker you will be fined 10,000 dollars.” Next, you will see men and women working and others supervising. One of the construction workers will be holding a sign to indicate to slow down, right on the side of the road saying slow down. Once you pass the worker holding a sign to slow down, hopefully you can see others following the directions. All you have to do is drive slow for a few miles and you will reach your…show more content…
The Hubbard’s road construction company is the construction company I chose to observe and it is designed to keep their hard working men and women safe, heathy, and their employee’s happy. Each employer of Hubbard team must watch and embrace a Zero Accident video. This video contains all the knowledge you need to be safe while working on the construction site. Also what surprised me the most about this video was the 30 minute section pertaining to sexual harassment prevention in the work area. According to Frederick, the newest employee of Hubbard Road Construction Company, you must really pay attention to the video and make the video apart of your life, and support prevention as a way of life. Frederick explained that they are all responsible for each other’s lives and making sure that they are all safe. Frederick continued to explain that each month they have to watch the Zero Accident safety video as a group. Hubbard’s road construction company remains trying to prevent accidents and also forcing their employees to take safety and sexual harassment seriously. They are also currently trying to improve their Zero Accidents video according to the manger Kimberly Rose. After watching the Zero Accident video I wondered why half of the video focused on sexual harassment. So I decided to research sexual harassment in the construction industry and I found a lot of shocking information. According to
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