The Heart Of The Andes By Robert Seldon Duncanson

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In the Heart of the Andes’ painting by Robert Seldon Duncanson, an immensely deceptive illusion is cultivated. This 1871 naturalistic landscape entices the viewer’s senses and lends itself to being part of the “beautiful” which is _____. This painting is a rendition of an earlier work done by Frederic Church in 1859. The formal qualities present in Heart of the Andes appear to fabricate an amicable symbiotic relationship between man and nature with motifs of God acting to legitimize human fallibility. The formal qualities that Duncanson used to fashion this piece illustrates a deceptively peaceful landscape scene. The overall composition of Heart of the Andes is relatively coherent, producing an image in the viewer’s mind consistent with…show more content…
This aids in the naturalistic phenomenon that is easily consumable for the viewer. The long flowing lines in the waterfall give rise to the illusion of movement and as the viewer’s gaze drops, the movement appears to become stagnant and calm in the body of water. There is careful contouring and chiaroscuro on the mountains allowing for the viewer to become inundated with its immensity. The foreground of the painting displays quite a few important formal quality details. The lower right quadrant exhibits a comparatively focused escalation in the chiaroscuro of the tree trunks. The crustiness of the deep earthy tones and the lushness make the lower right quadrant appear darker and more jungle-like. In opposition, there are some blue hydrangeas in the same vicinity that provide for a visually appealing contrast to the darker tones that surround them. The blue hydrangeas manifest themselves as wild and uncultivated. The lower right quadrant in comparison to the lower left quadrant, presents immensely important details that reveal crucial characteristics of the piece. The lower left quadrant contrasts greatly with the lower right quadrant in terms of its formal qualities. The flowers present on this side are much smaller and more docile in appearance compared to the hydrangeas on lower right quadrant. The lower left quadrant is not nearly as lush and appears to be quite open and accessible. The plants seem very tamed

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