The Heart Of The Christian Faith

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At the heart of the Christian faith is an infinite, uncreated and immutable God. Along with these essential attributes of the triune God, there are also relational attributes that our God possesses as well. God is omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. What makes these attributes relational is that they have to do with God’s personal relationship with us on Earth. God is omniscient, or all knowing. This Means he knows what we are thinking before we think it. He knows how we will react to something, before it even happens. Our God also has an omnipresent characteristic. This simply means that God is always with us, and always interacting with us. God is also omnipotent, meaning all powerful. God is powerful beyond what we can…show more content…
These attributes are what set God apart from other Gods of hate and other sinful natures. Although these attributes can be distinguished they cannot be separated. This would cause the oneness of God to fall apart and be destroyed. The oneness of God can not be mentioned without covering the trinitarian nature of God. The trinity composed of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. This is the uniqueness of the trinity, that God can be distinguished into three equal parts, but still retains oneness. There is unity and equality between the three parts of God, thus allowing each part to act separately, and together as one. Looking into the parts of the trinity we start with God the Father. The Father is eternally begotten, or without beginning and without end. The Fathers relationship to the Son and the Holy Spirit are quite similar. The Father eternally begets, or sends, the Son to us on Earth. Along with the sending of the son the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father unto us. The Father is also the primary creator. This is not to say that the Son and Holy Spirit have not had a hand in this process, but the Father has been essential in the creating process. The Son who is eternally begotten by the Father also relates in other ways to the trinity. The Son also submits to the Father. This is not to be taken as the Son is less than the Father, as this would lead
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