The Heart Of The Dust - Original Writing Essay

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“It’s finally over” said Menzil with a sigh. “It is if they all gathered here” affirmed Vorél. No sooner had he spoken this than the corrupted ash began to stir from the ground. “BLAST! What now?” He cursed, as a vortex of corruption formed beneath the crystal barbs that had snared the corrupt collective.
Without hesitation Menzil unleashed a beam of purifying energy into the heart of the storm, expecting to eradicate what little remained of the corruption. To her dismay, the corruption passed through the beam unscathed. As she cut off the beam, the form of a small dragon became visible at the heart of the vortex, corruption flowing into its form, forming its bone, flesh, and scales. When the last of the corruption reached it, the fledgling dragon opened its eyes and let out a shuddering breath.
Immune realized Menzil with horror. But to her surprise, the corrupted dragon simply stood there, quivering, eyes to the ground with its tail low. “That 's odd.” commented Vorél “The others charged us on sight. what makes this one different?”
“I don’t know...” responded menzil. She sent out a tendril of consciousness, intending to form a weak bond and speak with the corrupted whelp but the moment Menzil’s mind touched the corrupted dragon’s a wave of the Fledglings horror overwhelmed Menzil. Fragmented scenes of violence and bloodshed flowed through her consciousness, several it seemed, from the same battles, each seen through a new pair of eyes. It was only when she saw the

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