The Heart Of The Sea

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This week we had the release of In the Heart of the Sea starring Chris Hemsworth (Thor, Blackhat, A Perfect Getaway) and Benjamin Walker (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer, The War Boys, Flags of Our Fathers). Another shimmering example of how movie trailers are strategically designed to make a movie much more epic than it really is. They got me good this time!

In the Heart of the Sea is the story of the ship The Essex and it 's few surviving men and their horrific story of the whale that brought them down. It is the true story that helped inspire the famous Novel Moby Dick...however after watching this I think I would have preferred to see the movie Moby Dick instead of its inspiration. We start the story with Herman Melville the author of Moby Dick played by Ben Whishaw (Skyfall, Cloud Atlas, Stoned) as he makes his way to the home of Tom Nickerson; Brendan Gleeson (The Company you Keep, Edge of Tomorrow, Green Zone) who is now the last living survivor of the Essex. Mr. Nickerson, nor any of the other survivors for that matter, has never told the events that happened while stranded out on sea and with good reason. But Melville is desperate and after a lot of whining and a healthy sum of money Mr. Nickerson agrees to tell him the story. We are then brought into a recap of the day 's leading up to the Essex 's departure with Benjamin playing a rich and spoiled Captain George Pollard and Chris playing the grudging first mate Owen Chase. Tom Nickerson, just a boy then, was
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