The Heart Of The Skin Essay

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When asked ‘what is the heaviest organ in our body?’, most people would not think it is the skin. However, the truth is that the skin is the heaviest organ in our body, it is covering our entire body, and feels lightweight on our bodies. One of the reason why the skin is so heavy is that the skin is actually composed of three major layers, the epidermis, dermis, and the subcutaneous layers. The epidermis itself has 5 layers, the dead skin cells on the topmost layer, the stratum corneum, and the cells that are functioning are in the stratum basale. In addition to housing the different layers of the skin, the skin also houses sensory receptors which is critical for reaction time. For example, if hot water was to splash onto someone, the person will quickly react and perform the necessary procedures to prevent any further damage. This is due to the receptors notifying the body that the water is hot and can cause potential damage. The skin already houses the receptors, and the different layers of the skin, what are other functions of the skin? Other major functions of the skin are: protecting the essentials of the human body from physical, chemical, or bacterial damage, prevention of water loss, and the maintenance of homeostasis. The skin constitutes for majority of the integumentary system, and what is left over are the accessory structures that assists the skin. A perfect example would be skin cells, two major functions of these cells are to produce keratinocytes that
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